• a real chocolate drink to delight your customers

Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate

A new ritual to enjoy great chocolate taste

It’s a new ritual. It’s quite simple. And it brings your customers great chocolate taste. Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate is a new way to enjoy a true hot chocolate.

1. Offer a choice to your customer from the luxury treasure chest
2. Heat milk with a steamer
3. Your customer pours in & stirs the chocolate…
4. …and enjoys the real chocolate treat!

Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate


A genuine delight using real chocolate

Our Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate is made of 100% genuine chocolate, making it a real, rich and hot delight. As opposed to regular hot cocoa drinks, it contains cocoa butter which provides an indulgent chocolate taste and a smooth mouth feel. A delight no other drink can bring!
Using a perfectly portioned sachet of our signature Callets™, your customer can now enjoy the full chocolate experience for himself.

A tribute to the original Mayan chocolate drink

The Mayans were the first to cultivate cocoa and celebrate the great occasions in life with chocolate. More than 2000 years ago, they established the original chocolate drink recipe – made from the whole cocoa beans, roasted and ground, and stirred into a frothy drink. They added spices to it, instead of sugar or honey. But the virtue of their recipe is found in the unrivalled pleasure of the whole roasted cocoa bean – including the naturally present cocoa butter. This inspired Callebaut® to create Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate.

The iconic chocolate from Belgium

Just like all Callebaut® Finest Belgian Chocolate recipes, Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate is crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate. It is made from the best whole cocoa beans, blended with love and roasted to perfection by our Master Craftsmen. Hours of patient conching finally make all flavours blend together into the iconic Callebaut® chocolate taste – preferred by Belgian chocolatiers. That taste now reveals all its richness in an exciting and indulgent variety of hot drinks. Like heaven in a cup.

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