Chocolate Pencils

Underline the elegance of your creations with an extra sophisticated decoration. Callebaut’s finely rolled chocolate pencils come in a variety of artistic impressions. With such a wide choice, there’s a chocolate pencil that matches any creative idea! All of our pencils are made of 100% Callebaut chocolate – your assurance of the highest quality and a premium taste!

Chocolate Pencils

Name Click to enlarge Size Ref. Packaging
Rubens Dark 
Rubens dark 200 mm
200 mm W CHD-PC-13982 ±110 items/0.9 kg box

Rubens Dark 100 mm
100 mm W CHD-PC-13986 ±225 items/0.9 kg box

Rubens Dark 45 mm
45 mm W CHD-PC-13989 ±390 items/0.7 kg box
Rubens White 
Rubens White 200 mm
200 mm W CHW-PC-13983 ±110 items/0.9 kg box
Rembrandt Dark & White 
Rembrandt Dark & White
200 mm W CHX-PC-13987 ±110 items/0.9 kg box
Picasso White & Dark 
Picasso White & Dark
200 mm W CHX-PC-13985 ±110 items/0.9 kg box
Van Gogh Marbled 
Van Gogh Marbled 200 mm
200 mm W CHX-PC-13984 ±110 items/0.9 kg box
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