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Java milk 32% cocoa

Java is one of Indonesia’s over seventeen thousand islands. Java is like a thousands waterfalls at the time. Or a curvy stream full of surprises. Let yourself float from the crowded hectic city life in Jakarta and Yogykarta to the unearthy moon landscape of Bromo. Be amazed by the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, an ancient complex of over 200 ancient Hindu temples. Dream away at the sight of the lush, green Dieng valley with its coffee, tea and tobacco plantations, and at the magic colours of the volcanic Telaga Warna lake. We head South, to the beautiful and warm Pangadaran region. There we find the remarkable pale and aromatic cocoa Java is so renowned for.

Taste profile
Milk chocolate with a very pale colour and a sweet-oriented bouquet. Enchanting to the nose with a touch of liquorice and cinnamon powder. Especially in the mouth it is particularly round and creamy in texture, with a buttery middle part and impressions of sweet toffee, vanilla and yellow fruit. It has fruity zests that give this chocolate a pleasant freshness.

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History and origin of Javanese cocoa
Cocoa was probably smuggled into Indonesia through the Philippines in the 17th century. It was first planted on the island of Sulawesi and later exported to Java. Originally, an extraordinary Criollo variety was grown in Java – the Java Red – with superior, refined aromas. Later on, more robust Forastero hybrids were introduced and planted. Javanese cocoa has a typical pale, reddish colour and offers remarkable aromas. Nowadays the Java bean is extremely rarely available.

Description Name Ref. Liquidity Applications % Cocoa solids
% Milk solids
Vanilla - caramel Java- Milk JAVA Liquidity 3 More info 32 %
20.9 %
Callets - 2.5 kg bag