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Ecuador 70% cocoa

Ecuador owes its name to its position on the equator, its notoriety to the legends of the Inca. Ecuador bears contrasts in every acre of its soil. Be amazed by the wildness of the Andes and the beauty of the coast, the capriciousness of its volcanoes and the hidden fertility of the Amazon jungle. Ecuador’s biggest cocoa plantations are found in the coastal and central provinces of Guayas, Manabi and Los Rios. Here some exclusive cocoa species are grown.

Taste profile
A dark chocolate with a very strong aroma, giving impressions of angelica and liquorice. Also very spicy. The first taste impressions are vegetable and rich in spices, with impressions of angelica and liquorice once more. Thereafter the mild, sweet taste of banana predominates, followed by a touch of freshness.

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History and origin of Ecuadorian cocoa
Cocoa growing in Ecuador probably goes back to the 17th century. In the early 1900s the country even became one of the world’s biggest producers. Apart from its long history, Ecuador has quite a reputation when it comes to unique cocoa. Ecuador’s original cacao – also known as Cacao Nacional, a Forastero species – is renowned for its distinct flavour and strong aromas. After decades of setbacks, however, the vulnerable Nacional variety almost disappeared and has been gradually replaced in the South by more robust and productive Trinitario species from Trinidad and Venezuela.

Description Name Ref. Liquidity Applications % Cocoa solids
% Milk solids
Garden angelica - liquorice - banana Ecuador- Dark CHD-R731EQU Liquidity 3 More info 70 %
Callets - 2.5 kg bag