Chocolate for drinks

Delight your customers with the finest belgian chocolate taste

Spoil your customers with hot and cold drinks, made with real chocolate and bursting with a full Belgian chocolate taste. There's a perfect chocolate recipe for every bar and barista. From chocolates to prepare your homemade drinking ganaches to chocolate bases for the creative bartender.

Finest Belgian Hot Chocolate


Ground chocolate

Callebaut Ground Chocolate is 100% Belgian chocolate, low processed for a full-bodied, brutal taste. Perfectly soluble in hot dairy and non-dairy milks, Callebaut Ground Chocolate combines the wealth of authentic and overwhelming chocolate taste with great convenience in serving for busy bars and baristas.

Finest Belgian Chocolate Callets™

After picking their choice from 4 full-bodied flavours in the Finest Belgian Chocolate Callets™ treasure chest, your customers stir and melt their favourite chocolate in hot milk themselves. Gradually, they ignite the rich chocolate taste. And then, they dream away...

Top off your drinks with great taste and exciting textures

It's the details that lift a great drink to perfection. Callebaut presents a rich variety of delicious decorations to turn your chocolate drinks into seductive delights. Bold flavours, exciting crispy textures... A treat for all the senses!


Made of 100% Callebaut chocolate, thee tiny curls with their slightly irregular and handcrafted looks are great for decorating. Just sprinkle on top of your drinks and let them sloooooowly melt in.

Mixed mini Crispearls™

Top off your drinks with a wonderful, crunchy bite and delicious chocolate taste. Mixed Mini Crispearls™ - tiny dark, milk and white chocolate beads of flavour with a crispy biscuit heart - will tingle the taste buds and make one crave for more.


Leave a long-lasting, solid 100% dark chocolate impression on each customer with Mini ChocRocks™. Small, shiny, roughly shaped mini-stones of chocolate pleasure to finish all your drinks, desserts and mignardises. Sprinkle to top off drinks, desserts and more.

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