• Local selection and sourcing

Local selection and sourcing

Great chocolate taste starts with growing great cocoa beans. Together with cooperatives in West Africa, we have started training and education programmes that help cocoa farmers adopt modern agricultural practices, working to improve crop quality and quantity.
Farmers learn soil management and crop diversity to grow healthy cocoa trees – and equally important, 1) proper fermentation after the harvest, integral in developing the aromatic and taste precursors of Callebaut’s® great chocolate taste, and 2) drying, essential in preserving the aroma and flavour of the beans, keeping them in good condition through shipment and storage.

seeds of the cocoa fruit

When cocoa fruit is harvested, it is cracked open to scoop out the pulp with the cocoa beans (actually the seeds of the cocoa fruit). These seeds are heaped up and covered with banana leaves to ferment.

Thus, before and after the harvest, Callebaut ensures the proper steps are taken to develop and preserve the great chocolate taste and aroma that you know.

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