• Take a grand tour around the belgian Chocolate Academy

Take a grand tour around the belgian Chocolate Academy

From Plantation to the Chocolate Tasting Ritual Room: a 360° chocolate experience

The new Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre offers a variety of attractions to its visitors, such as:

  • The Chocolaterie, Bakery Shop, Pastry Lab and the Chef’s Table

Individual training spaces geared towards instructing one specific group of artisans, i.e. chocolatiers, bakers, pastry chefs and restaurant chefs

  • The Plantation:

A small-scale reproduction of a tropical forest which features cocoa trees – where chocolate professionals can be immersed in the world of cocoa and see cocoa fruits in a natural habitat.

  • A Chocolate Tasting Ritual Room

A special room where a sensory specialist guides the guests through the varied world of chocolate flavors

  • The Chocotorium

a 100-seat theater available for lectures given by chocolate experts

  • A Chocolate Bar

Visitors can sample freshly-made hot and cold chocolate drinks

  • A Chocolate Library

Offers a vast collection of books on chocolate – and the variety of potential applications

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