• “We must become aware that nothing is endless or unlimited”

    Lieven Lootens – Chef and owner of ‘t Aards Paradijs


Lieven Lootens

Anyone who knows the self-taught Belgian chef Lieven Lootens knows that respect for people and nature are dear to him and his family. “People should become aware that nothing is endless or unlimited. It’s high time we care more for what nature gives us. That goes for cocoa too. If we don’t take care of that great crop, it might just disappear one day. And that would be more than a shame.”

In his own garden, Lieven grows his own herbs and much of his vegetables. He also selects local growers that provide him with the tastiest vegetables, dairy produce, meat, fish and other resources that he likes to feature in his adventurous cuisine.

When we asked him to create a great dessert, Lieven really surprised us with… an ostrich egg! Enjoy his contribution and the way this great chef grows great chocolate.

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