• “It’s great to know that each step from bean to chocolate, is a step into the right direction”

    Bart Van Cauwenberghe – Chef and owner of De Zwarte Vos

Bart Van Cauwenberghe

Talk with Bart Van Cauwenberghe for 10 minutes and you’ll learn more about taste and taste combinations than you can from any book. This man – who calls himself a taste designer – breathes, thinks and eats taste. He perfectly understands how taste works: what we taste first, second and last. He knows how textures amplify, carry or disguise taste. He knows why some flavours go together and others don’t.
In short, this flavour genius is the perfect man to create a great new praline. For inspiration he turned to the flavours of Africa.

Find out how Bart creates this multi-texture sensation and balances out flavours until he gets the perfect praline. Simply amazing! And also find out why sustainable choices are dear to him. His visits to plantations in Brazil and Trinidad have taught him that growing great chocolate can turn the income of farmers into a sustainable income. And that’s a start for a better quality of life.

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