• Great chocolate stories

    The success stories of Belgian chocolatiers

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What is it that makes the world go crazy for Belgian chocolates? And what special skills do Belgian craftsmen have compared to others? Callebaut® TV chefs Alexandre and Patrick travel Belgium in search of great chocolate stories. They bring you the adventures of three Belgian chocolatiers and three Great, Belgian Classics revisited!

Watch the individual Clips

Discover Wittamer’s Manon – an icon among Belgian chocolates.

Patrick and Alexandre give Wittamer’s Manon a crazy Belgian twist.

Jean-Philippe Darcis: pastry chef, confectioner and master of the magnificent macaroon!

How macaroons inspire Patrick and Alexandre to create Belgian chocolates.

Bold flavours and a crazy mind: meet David Maenhout.

The sea gives our Technical Advisors some ideas for savoury chocolates.

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