Belgian Beer Weekend presents: Belgian chocolate and Belgian beers: a perfect match!

Callebaut® pairs chocolate desserts and Belgian beers

• Inspirational pairing for chefs, chocolatiers and food professionals
• 9 desserts featuring Belgian chocolate combined with a Belgian beer
• Presented at the Belgian Beer Weekend: 31 August – 2 September 2012

Belgium is famous for its two national treasures: beer and chocolate. And yet the worlds of these two great products have always remained separate. Until now, that is. Over the past year, Callebaut® has collaborated with the Federation of Belgian Brewers in a unique experiment: pairing desserts made with Belgian chocolate and Belgian beers. At the Belgian Beer Weekend the international public of foodies and beer lovers can taste the results and discover how beer and chocolate are truly “made for each other.”

Food professionals and chefs in the culinary field constantly have to keep up with new trends, since consumers are looking for new taste experiences and unusual combinations. Callebaut® has been the supplier of choice for finest Belgian chocolate couvertures for more than 100 years, serving chocolatiers, bakers and confectioners and chefs. It also supports these customers by seeking new sources of inspiration for them.

Specially for the Belgian Beer Weekend, Callebaut®’s pastry chef and technical advisor Alexandre Bourdeaux has collaborated with the Federation of Belgian Brewers to combine nine classic desserts with Belgian beers. The pairing of chocolate and beer is not new for Callebaut but is part of a continued effort to bring the best of Belgium forward. “Finding this perfect combination of beer and chocolate is a wonderful challenge,” Alexandre Bourdeaux explains. “They each have a strong character. Creating the right taste balance between them is a voyage of discovery that constantly opens up exciting new perspectives. Fortunately, fruit and nut pralinés form a useful bridge, matching the fruity and acidic notes to be found in beer.”

Combinations such as “Wheat beer and panna cotta of white chocolate and orange” or “Trappist and praliné with roasted pecan filling” have already been tried by a team of beer sommeliers and taste experts. “They were immediately convinced,” says Alexandre Bourdeaux.

For food professionals and foodies who want to discover the harmony between Belgian chocolate and beer for themselves, the Belgian Beer Weekend at the Brussels Stock Exchange from 31 August to 2 September 2012 is an event not to be missed. Every three hours new beers will be served with accompanying chocolate desserts conceived by Alexandre Bourdeaux and prepared by J&M Catering (Aartselaar – Belgium). As a final touch the beers and desserts will be served together on a unique “taster pallet.

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