Callebaut introduces Natural Vanilla for all its chocolates

Chocolate professionals make a difference with their creativity and by selecting premium ingredients for their creations. Callebaut fully supports them in their choice. As of now, Callebaut adds the subtle bouquet of pure, natural Bourbon vanilla to its chocolate recipes. Only the finest Bourbon vanilla beans are selected to enrich each Callebaut chocolate with the taste of 100% natural Bourbon vanilla and that hint of exotic refinement. In short – Callebaut offers professionals a richer, more refined flavour and a greater authenticity.

Natural Bourbon Vanilla, a logical step
Callebaut has a reputation as it comes to the purity of its chocolates. The brands only sources the finest grades of cocoa beans for its recipes.

Bourbon vanilla, a true bouquet
The Bourbon vanilla pods that Callebaut selects for its chocolates are sourced mainly in Madagascar, Indonesia, Papua, Uganda and India. Renowned for its fine flavour and mild sweetness, Bourbon vanilla has a deep, warm, mellow aroma with hints of tropical fruit. In dark chocolate it accentuates the sweetness; in milk and white chocolate it accentuates the creaminess of the chocolate.

Natural Vanilla

Bourbon vanilla and chocolate, made for each other
Just like the cocoa bean from which chocolate is made, vanilla originates from Mexico and was used by the Aztecs to accent the flavour of their chocolate drink. The vanilla pod is the fruit of Vanilla planifolia, a climbing orchid with large, fragrant, white or yellow flowers that grows only in the warm, humid belt around the equator. Today Callebaut brings chocolate and natural vanilla back together.

Same high quality. Guaranteed!
Apart from the addition of natural Bourbon vanilla, the Callebaut chocolate recipes remain entirely unchanged: the technical characteristics are identical. The taste of the chocolate remains the same too, only enriched and enhanced by the subtle aromas of natural Bourbon vanilla.
So pastry chefs, bakers, chefs and confectioners can rely on the same, renowned Callebaut quality. This way, the brand maintains its policy of giving chocolate professionals the very best materials with which to work their magic, for the ultimate satisfaction of the chocolate lover.

All Callebaut references keep their classic name…
Only the extension NV (Natural Vanilla) is added. So for instance: dark chocolate Select 811 becomes Select 811NV. You will find the extension to the Callebaut name on the markem or facing of your Callebaut chocolate. It is your guarantee for the true Callebaut chocolate with natural Bourbon vanilla.

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