Colouring for hollow figures with coloured coatings


* moulds for hollow figures (or pralines)
* coloured coatings
* small paper piping horns Callebaut CORNET-Z

Step 1

Temper the coloured coatings in each colour you need. You temper them as white chocolate.

Step 2

Fold the paper piping horns and fill each with the coloured coating of your choice. Do you also want details in dark, milk or white chocolate? Then you should also fill paper horns with each of these tempered chocolates.

Step 3

Check that the moulds are at room temperature and heat them briefly with a hot airblower (ideally to 26 or 27°C). If you are working with clipping moulds: separate them.

Step 4

First pipe a test coloured coating of chocolate on paper to remove any possible air bubbles from the piping horn.

Step 5

Using the paper piping horns, pipe the coloured coatings into the moulds wherever you want coloured accents. Allow to set at room temperature till the chocolate feels dry to the touch.

Step 5
Step 6

Do you want to put another colour accent over this, to introduce another colour? For example, to colour in an eye? You can do that once the first chocolate has slightly hardened. If you pipe one fluid chocolate over another too soon, there is too great a risk of them mixing and spoiling the end result.

Step 7

If necessary, scrape the excess coloured coatings from the edges of the mould before proceeding with the pouring itself.

Step 8

Allow to set lightly at room temperature before starting to pour the tempered chocolate. Pouring into the moulds is covered in detail in the Moulding section.

Step 8
Which chocolates are best suited to these decorations?

Coloured and flavoured coatings:
For these decorations, the coloured coatings give a splendid and delicious result.
They are white chocolates enriched with colourings and flavourings. They should be tempered as for white chocolate.

LEMON - white chocolate enriched with lemon flavour and colour.

STRAWBERRY - white chocolate enriched with strawberry flavour and colour.

ORANGE - white chocolate enriched with orange flavour and colour.

To find out which chocolates are best suited to the pouring itself, see Moulding.

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