Chocolate cigarettes


* marble at room temperature (20°C)
* triangular palette knife
* plastic combscraper or rubber crenellated comb
* tempered white and dark chocolate
* stainless steel plate covered with paper

Step 1

Temper the two chocolates and pour a little white chocolate onto the marble.

Step 1 Step 1
Step 2

Spread thin out evenly with the palette knife.

Step 2 Step 2
Step 3

Allow to harden very briefly till the surface of the chocolate feels dry to the touch (not too long!).

Step 3 Step 3
Step 4

Draw the plastic combscraper away from you through the chocolate layer to form lines. Are you using a rubber crenellated comb? Then you should draw it through the chocolate towards you.

Step 5

Cut the excess chocolate with the triangular palette knife and scrape it away.

Step 6

Pour a small quantity of the dark chocolate over the lines and skim to a smooth surface with the triangular palette knife.

Step 6 Step 6
Step 7

Allow to harden until the chocolate feels dry to the touch.

Step 8

Cut the edges square with the edge of the triangular pallet.

Step 9

Push the palette knife at a slight angle under the layer of chocolate.

Step 10

Push the palette knife with short, powerful movements through the chocolate and back. This creates small rolls of chocolate with a line motif.

Step 10
Step 11

Lay these on the paper on a stainless steel plate and leave to harden further.

Which chocolate is best suited for making these decorations?

All chocolates with a basic viscosity ():
All chocolates with a basic viscosity () will deliver outstanding results. They are easily spread out finely for chocolate decorations with a perfect thickness. Above all, these basic types are very easy to work with.
Do you want fine, filmy decorative work? Then you should choose the more fluid chocolate types. These contain more cocoa butter: 2% to 3%. You can identify these by the number 2 or 3 before the basic code ().


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