White chocolate bûche with wild strawberries (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical advisor CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Belgium)

Red Boudoir

Ingredients Preparation
65 g egg yolks
160 g eggs
130 g granulated sugar
Whip up.
105 g egg white
55 g sugar
Whip up and mix in.
40 g flour
40 g corn starch
Sieve and add.
Bake for 15 min. at 190°C in a fan oven.

White chocolate mousseline

Ingredients Preparation
375 g milk
marrow of 1 vanilla pod
105 g egg yolks
90 g granulated sugar
7 g corn starch
Mix, add to the milk and boil further into an anglaise sauce.
190 g white chocolate W2NV
35 g
Pour the anglaise over the chocolate mixture, mix and allow to cool.
500 g whipped cream 40% Mix in.

Wild strawberry filling

Ingredients Preparation
180 g red fruit mixture
65 g granulated sugar
220 g wild strawberry purée
50 g fresh mint purée
60 g gelatine (moistened)
Pour into a Flexipan® bûche mould (ref. 01464) and freeze.

Wild strawberry syrup

Ingredients Preparation
80 g wild strawberry purée
150 g syrup 30°B
100 g water

White icing

Ingredients Preparation
10 g gelatine
45 g water
Moisten the gelatine with the water.
250 g milk
80 g glucose
2 g titanium dioxide
300 g white chocolate Callebaut W2NV
300 g white coating
Blend to make a ganache and add the gelatine.
Ice at 30°C.

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