Bergamot apple (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Belgium)

Cinnamon Pain de Gênes

Ingredients Preparation
615 g almond paste
5 g powdered cinnamon
615 g egg (white and yolk)
In a blender, work the cinnamon into the almond paste and gradually add the eggs.
120 g flour
7.5 g baking powder
Sift and add.
185 g melted butter Add.
Spread over 40x60 cm trays and cook at 190°C for 12 minutes.

Speculoos Praline

Ingredients Preparation
150 g almond praline Callebaut PRAMA
70 g Caramel chocolate Callebaut CHF-N3438CARA
40 g Pailleté Feuilletine Callebaut M-7PAIL
40 g crushed speculoos biscuit
Mix together and temper.
Spread over the pain de Gênes and cut strips to close the log.

Fondant apples

Ingredients Preparation
220 g sugar
1 vanilla pod
800 g Jonagold cut into cubes
QS Calvados
Pan fry the cubes of apple. Flambé with Calvados and leave to cook.
28 g gelatine Add.
Fill a small IBC mould (ref E01 011 3340590) and freeze.

Vanilla Panna cotta

Ingredients Preparation
130 g milk
100 g sugar
1 vanilla pod
Boil together.
60 g gelatine Add into the boiling milk to ensure that it is fully dissolved. Sieve and leave to cool.
630 g half-whipped cream Add.
Fill a small IBC mould (ref E01 011 3340590).

Milk and bergamot bavarois

Ingredients Preparation
225 g milk
225 g cream
3 g bergamot tea Infuse tea. Sieve and adjust the cream.
90 g egg yolks
38 g sugar
510 g milk chocolate Callebaut Origine Arriba
Add the yellow mixture and sugar and cook at 85°C. Pour onto the chocolate and emulsify. Allow to cool.
550 g whipped cream Add delicately at 35°C.

Finishing and presentation
For 2 IBC moulds:
Line an IBC mould (ref. E01 011 6580590) with chocolate and bergamot tea mousse. Insert a Pain de Gênes sponge and add more mousse. Insert the apple panna cotta mould, add the mousse and close the mould with the pain de gênes sponge and speculoos crunch.
After freezing and removing from the moulds, cover the log with a ChocO'shine glaze. Decorate to taste. Here, we have used IBC silver leaf.

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