Golden Dome (Created by Marc Ducobu - Chef and Managing Director of Patisserie Ducobu - Waterloo, Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Vanilla caramel

Ingredients Preparation
100 g sugar Cook into caramel.
145 g cream 35% fat content
¼ vanilla pod
Boil and add to the caramel to deglaze. Sieve the caramel.
100 g milk chocolate Callebaut® 665 Add and mix in. Homogenize with the mixer. Store in the fridge.

Peanut praline

Ingredients Preparation
180 g sugar
50 g water
¼ vanilla pod
Cook into caramel at 175°C.
300 g peanuts Pre-heat the nuts in the oven or microwave to avoid a temperature shock. Add them to the hot caramel and mix in. Spread out on a sheet and leave to cool.
15 g peanut oil Finely grind with the robot mixer and add oil bit by bit.


Ingredients Preparation
IBC Gold powder
Pre-crystallised milk chocolate Callebaut® 823
Brush gold powder in the moulds.Mould the chocolate and leave to harden. Fill the chocolate shells with the semi-liquid vanilla caramel and leave to crystallise. Finish with the peanut praline filling and leave to crystallise.Close the moulds and leave to harden.

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