Ginger (Created by Jean-Pierre Wybauw - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Belgium)

Ingredients Preparation
400g cream
15g grated ginger
1/2 lemon zest
Bring to the boil.
Leave to infuse for 5 min.
300g milk chocolate Callebaut Origine Java
300g dark chocolate Callebaut Origine Grenade
Melt together and mix the cream mixture into the chocolate
50g invert sugar Mix in and leave to cool
75g butter (at room temperature) Mix in and emulsify in the Robot Coupe.
Pour on a plate (1cm thick layer) and leave to harden.
Cut the filling into desired shapes and sizes.
tempered dark chocolate Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé Dip the fillings into the chocolate and decorate

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