Tra di noi (Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical Advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Belgium)

Pistachio dacquoise

Ingredients Preparation
415 g egg whites
130 g sugar
Whisk the egg whites with the sugar.
330 g icing sugar
220 g ground pistachios
110 g ground almonds
Mix all the dry ingredients. Sieve them and fold gently with the whisked egg whites. Then arrange in a 40 x 60 oven-proof dish and bake for 20 minutes at 180°C.

Praliné mousse

Ingredients Preparation
540 g milk Boil the milk.
105 g egg yolks
45 g cornflour
180 g sugar
Mix together. Add to the boiling milk to make a pastry crème.
90 g
180 g PRAMA
Remove from the heat and add the Mycryo and PRAMA. Cool down.
450 g whipped cream Fold in the whipped cream using a spatula.

Chocolate biscuit without flour

Ingredients Preparation
225 g Origine chocolate Madagascar
85 g butter
Melt the chocolate with the butter.
80 g egg yolks
180 g egg whites
60 g sugar
Add the egg yolks and the egg whites whisked with the sugar. Bake at 220°C for 6 minutes in a ventilated oven.

Fruits of the forest gelatine

Ingredients Preparation
1250 g fruits of the forest (Boiron)
150 g gelatine mass
120 g golden syrup
Heat the fruit purée. Add the syrup and the dissolved fruit gelatine.

Madagascar ganache

Ingredients Preparation
380 g cream
40 g sugar
100 g egg yolks
Prepare egg custard.
200 g Origine chocolate Madagascar Pour it over the chocolate.

Vanilla Chantilly cream

Ingredients Preparation
1500 g cream Heat the cream to 50°C.
3 vanilla pods Add. Leave to cool for 6 hours, until it can be whisked.
250 g sugar … And whisk it, adding the sugar.

Finishing and presentation:
In a 60 x 40 frame, insert the pistachio dacquoise, cover it with the praliné mousse. Melt the fruit gelatine into a Flexipan and freeze it. Insert the chocolate biscuit without flour in the frame and cover with a thin layer of mousse praline. Cover it with the frozen fruit gelatine. Then pour the warm ganache over the whole thing, let’s set and add the vanilla Chantilly cream.

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