Orange tartlet (Created by Marc Ducobu - Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Sugared pastry

Ingredients Preparation
500g of flour
150g of icing sugar
5g of salt
2 eggs
62g of pure broyage (a mixture of 50% crushed almonds and 50% sugar)
300g of butter
Per leaf, in the beater, mix the butter pomade, the salt and the icing sugar. Add the eggs, the almond powder and the flour. Leave to stand in the fridge for an hour.

Orange cream

Ingredients Preparation
15g of lemon peel
750g of orange juice
2,250g of butter
1,500g of sugar
45g of egg yolks
12 eggs
750g of sugar
75g of corn flour
Bring the juice, butter, sugar and lemon peel to the boil. Dilute the mixture of egg whites, yolks and corn flour with the juice, sugar and butter. Bring back to the boil and fold in the egg white and yolks. Cook slowly to thicken and mix. Put in pots the

Sao Thomé Ganache

Ingredients Preparation
660g Callebaut Origin Chocolate Sao Thomé
200 cl of milk
100 cl of fresh cream
85g of glucose
1/2 vanilla pod
166g of butter
Bring the milk, cream, vanilla and glucose to the boil. Chop the chocolate and pour on milk, cream, vanilla and glucose. Leave to cool until 35°C, then fold in the butter and blend.

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