Mousse cake (Created by Axel Sachem - Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)

Joconde sponge (makes three 18 cm Ø cakes)

Ingredients Preparation
360g eggs
450g ground almond mix (50/50)
60g flour
Beat together.
180g egg whites
45g sugar
Beat until the mixture stands in peaks and add into the flour mixture.
45g butter (melted) Fold into the mixture.
Spread onto baking sheets. Bake: 4-5 minutes at

Honey mousse

Ingredients Preparation
120g egg yolks
300g molasses - 30°B
Heat to 60°C and beat until cold.
570g Callebaut honey Callets Melt.
1125g cream Half whip. Mix 1/3 of the cream with the callets and fold into the egg yolk mixture. Fold in the rest of the cream.

Melon crémeux

Ingredients Preparation
250g melon puree Heat.
120g egg yolks
75g sugar
Mix well together and add to the warm pulp. Heat.
5g gelatine (soaked and strained) Dissolve in the pulp mixture and strain.
85g butter Mix into the crème and divide into three 16 cm Ø Flexipan moulds. Freeze.


Ingredients Preparation
250g milk
100g glucose
8g gelatine (soaked and trained) Dissolve in the milk.
300g Callebaut honey Callets Melt in the milk and blend for a perfect sheen.

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