Ivory For 20 individual cakes and two large cakes for 4 people (Created by Marc Ducobu - Chef and Managing Director of Patisserie Ducobu - Waterloo, Callebaut Chocolate Ambassador Belgium)


Sweet pastry

Ingredients Preparation
120 g butter
60 g icing sugar
1 egg
2 g salt
25 g pure crushed almonds (100% almonds)
200 g flour
Leave to stand in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

No-flour sponge (For a 40 x 60 cm sheet)

Ingredients Preparation
280 g egg whites
150 g sugar
220 g egg yolks
170 g ground almond mix (50% finely ground almonds/50% sugar)
Bake for 15-20 mins at 190°C.

Raspberry slice

Ingredients Preparation
630 g raspberry puree
108 g sugar
6 2-g sheets of gelatine Add.
Pour into Flexipan moulds. Put to one side in the freezer.

White chocolate mousse

Ingredients Preparation
240 g syrup Bring to the boil.
144 g egg yolks Pour over the syrup. Work into a pâte à bombe. Leave to cool down to 30°C.
430 g white chocolate Callebaut Select W2NV
3 sheets of gelatine
800 g whipping cream Fold in.

Raspberry coulis

Ingredients Preparation
250 g water
300 g sugar
225 g raspberry puree

Raspberry jam

Ingredients Preparation
200 g raspberry pulp
200 g sugar
60 g glucose
Bring to the boil.
15 g sugar
1 g pectin (for the jam)
Cook for 3 mins.

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