Arriba Atomium (for an unspecified number of portions) (Created by Lieven Lootens, Restaurant 't Aards Paradijs - Callebaut Ambassador Belgium)

Yoghurt pearls

Ingredients Preparation
Liquid nitrogen
Drop yoghurt with a squeeze-bottle over an open vat containing liquid nitrogen so that ice cold pearls of yoghurt automatically form. Lay them together in a well and place into the middle a pointed stick with a few drops of still liquid yoghurt on it.
Wait a few seconds until the small pearls stick to each other and to the rod.

Finishing and presentation
Immediately plunge the stick down into liquid milk chocolate Callebaut Origin Arriba. Quickly scatter on top of it a few Callebaut Crispearls™ before the chocolate has stiffened. Allow to stand for 2 minutes to allow most of the cold to disappear from the yoghurt. Serve fresh directly, or later from the deep freeze as an iced praline.


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