Petite Brown-Butter Cake with a side of chocolate-caramel cream with vanilla
(12 servings, 2 pp)
(Created by Alexandre Bourdeaux - Technical advisor - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Belgium & Charles Nouwen - Zythologist - AB InBev)

Brown butter cake

Ingredients Preparation
190 g ground almonds
375 g icing sugar
300 g egg whites
125 g flour
310 g brown-butter
1 fresh vanilla bean, scraped
Melt the brown-butter, add the vanilla and cool immediately. Stir all the dry ingredients in a mixer then add egg whites until it has the consistency of a smooth paste. Finally add the cooled, melted butter. Cool for 2 hours before pouring the mix into Financier molds. Bake at
190°C for approximately 12 minutes.

Schokoladenkaramellcreme mit Vanille

Ingredients Preparation
180 g Zucker
350 g Sahne
1 frische Vanilleschote, ausgekratzt
170 g Milchschokolade Callebaut Select 823NV
60 g Butter
Die Sahne zum Kochen bringen und Vanille hinzufügen. Den Zucker karamellisieren und in das Sahne-Vanille-Geschmisch geben. Die flüssige Mischung zur Schokolade und Butter hinzufügen
und auf 35°C erhitzen. In kleinen Gläsern servieren.

Food pairing
Leffe Blonde is a rich beer with intense flavors of banana and yellow fruits. The cake complements the malty beer while the chocolate caramel expands the range of aromas and offers a nice complexity. Vanilla is in the final note, a perfect addition to the mix of spices in the beer.