Carefully choosing the best crops in orchards all over the world, Callebaut® guarantees only premium quality pistachio products with the freshest nut taste you will find. Meticulously picked at the ideal moment in the ripening process and stored under the best conditions, the pistachios preserve maximum flavour and natural properties. They are minimally processed and packed in less than 12 hours after being shelled. Pure, delicately or lightly roasted… Callebaut® pistachios are available as whole nuts, pieces and as a paste.


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Description Name Click to enlarge Ref. % nuts Packaging
Fine and pure paste of gently roasted pistachios
Pure Pistachio Paste
100% pistachios 1 kg bucket

Fresh green

Light, fruity pistachio flavour

ice cream: flavouring
pastry: flavouring of interior
confectionery: filling
desserts: flavouring

Caramelised and lightly roasted pistachio pieces, partly blanched
Pistachio Bresilienne
37% pistachios 1 kg vacuum bag


Crunchy bite with lots of fresh fruitiness – pleasantly, naturally sweet

ice cream: inclusion, decoration
bakery products: inclusion, decoration
pastry: flavouring of interior, decoration
confectionery: inclusion, decoration
desserts: inclusion, decoration

Shelf life : Whole nuts and pieces 9 months after production date / Paste 12 months after production date

Flourishing in hot climates, pistachio cultivation originally spread from Iran to the Mediterranean regions in Sicily and Spain. Iran, historically the primary growth area of pistachio trees, is one of the major producers of many pistachio varieties with their own different properties and distinctive flavours. In eastern Sicily, pistachios are grown around Mount Etna and in the Bronte area. They are slightly longer and thinner than the Iranian varieties. Pistachio cultivation is expanding in Spain with plantations in Catalonia and Castilla La Mancha.

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