Callebaut presents a unique selection of moulds, from original praline shapes to hollow figures. They will allow you to fill in every occasion or theme during the year with creative or remarkable shapes and designs. Furthermore, these moulds in polycarbonate are your guarantee for perfect end results. They provide moulded subjects with a unique deep shine and allow easy unmoulding. In short, these moulds offer a high degree of convenience and easy maintenance.

Moulds various

Description Ref. Click to enlarge Size Weight Packaging
Assorted fish MLD-090077 
Assorted fish
11 and
24,5 cm
80 and
185 g
Box of 6 moulds
Shellfish and seafood MLD-090134 
Shellfish and seafood
- +/- 10 g Box of 5 moulds
Half-spheres MLD-090135 
Half-spheres 3 cm
3 cm +/- 9 g Box of 5 moulds
Cocoa pod MLD-090156 
Cocoa pod
19,5 cm x 9 cm +/- 160 g Box of 2 moulds
Turtle MLD-090159 
6 cm x 13 cm +/- 70 g Box of 4 moulds
Giant sphere 12,5 cm MLD-090166 
Giant sphere 12,5 cm
12,5 cm +/- 170 g Box of 4 moulds
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