Crunchy textures

Nothing beats a crunchy accent in chocolate confectionery! With this selection of Callebaut products, you will be able to create tasty crunchiness. What’s more, these ingredients remain perfectly crunchy when mixed in chocolate and in liquid-free interiors. Explore the naturalness and the possibilities!

Crunchy textures

Crunchy textures
Description Name Ref. % Cocoa solids
% Nuts
Crushed cocoa kernels Nibs NIBS-S502 100 %
800 g bag
Crushed roasted and caramelised hazelnuts Brésilienne NAN-CR-HA3714 -
37 %
1 kg and 5 kg bag
Broken and roasted hazelnuts Hazelnuts NUN-PI-HA213 -
100 %
1 kg bag
The original French biscuit crunch Pailleté Feuilletine M-7PAIL -
2.5 kg box

Shelf life: Nibs 24 months after production date / Pailleté Feuilletine 12 months after production date / Brésilienne in 800 g bags 10 months / Brésilienne in 4 kg bags 6 months / Broken and roasted hazelnuts 6 months after production date

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