Callebaut presents a great new product for bakery products: Chocolate Chunks!

With Callebaut’s Chocolate Chunks, croissants, rolls, cakes and bread become a real treat for the true chocolate lover. Chocolate Chunks have it all: the size, the choice and the taste. They are simply made for bakery products and resist oven temperatures perfectly. Who can resist them?

Great in size – 100% chocolate – perfect for baking
Callebaut Chocolate Chunks are regularly shaped bits in 100% chocolate, perfect in size (8x8x6 mm). They have great taste and appearance, are low in cocoa butter and so are ideal for inclusion in bakery products.
The processing? Easy! Just add them to the dough… and ready! Well encapsulated, the Chocolate Chunks resist temperatures up to 200°C. Furthermore, their size makes them easy to divide evenly in the dough. And they don’t melt during mixing or kneading.

Chocolate Chunks

Choice between excellent dark, milk or white chocolate
As always, the Chocolate Chunks are made of traditional Callebaut chocolate. And there’s more: this bake stable product is available in dark, milk and white chocolate, enabling every baker to offer products with different chocolate tastes.

Chocolate Chunks – Dark contain minimum 39.1% cocoa solids. They have an intense, bittersweet cocoa taste, making them ideal in croissants, bread rolls, Swiss rolls and so on. Their stronger taste is perfect too in bakery products with more complex flavours or prepared with whole-wheat flour: brownies, whole-wheat bread etc.

Chocolate Chunks – Milk contain minimum 24% cocoa solids. Their mild, milky taste with firm cocoa body makes them perfect for delicate-tasting or fine bakery products made with almond powder or with fine white flour: biscuits, rolls, cakes, brioches, muffins, bread etc.

Chocolate Chunks – White contain minimum 19.9% cocoa solids and have a fine, sweet and creamy taste. They are ideal for short-baked, luxury products prepared with fine, white flour such as brioches, bridge rolls, white bread etc.

Discover the Callebaut Chocolate Chunks and how they can make your bakery products irresistible!

Type Name Description Min. % 
cocoa solids
% Milk solids Packaging
CHD-CU-20X014-471 Chocolate 
Chunks – Dark
Chunks of bake 
stable dark 
39.1 - 10 kg box
CHM-CU-20X023-471 Chocolate 
Chunks – Milk
Chunks of bake 
stable milk 
24 25 10 kg box
CHW-CU-20V001-471 Chocolate 
Chunks – White
Chunks of bake 
stable white 
19.9 35 10 kg box
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