Callebaut presents Finest Selection

A range of dark chocolates, unlike any other

Imagine dark chocolates that are pure passion and fire. Made with the best the world has to offer: a selection of the most aromatic cocoa beans from Africa, Asia and South America.
Imagine their perfect marriage that promises an explosion in taste and aromas...
Those chocolate have now been introduced by Callebaut.
Explore Callebaut's Finest Selection.

The most powerful blends the chocolate world has to offer
Callebaut has extended its range of dark chocolates with some exciting newcomers! The idea behind it? To combine the harmonious character of Callebaut’s traditional blends with the aromatic power of outstanding cocoa bean varieties.
Finest Selection meets all these requirements: each chocolate offers a great balance in taste and at the same time an exciting aromatic expression.

Finest Selection

A contribution to the professional’s search for exclusivity
Callebaut supports professionals in their constant efforts to make a difference with unique high quality products. With Finest Selection, Callebaut has responded to these requirements. This new generation of dark chocolates offers an unequalled intensity with an exciting palette of aromas. In fact, it is a dream for each professional… and for the true chocolate lovers among their clientele.

Dark fruits, made from the finest blends of cocoa
For its Finest Selection, Callebaut has blended aromatic cocoa beans from different plantations into unique chocolate recipes. As in all Callebaut recipes, they are made with the noblest ingredients: 100% pure cocoa butter and Natural Bourbon Vanilla. Explore these extremely dark chocolates with the most refined character you have ever experienced.

Kumabo 80.1%
Dark mystic power from the heart of Africa

Blend and character
The best of East and West Africa meet in Callebaut’s most powerful and darkest chocolate ever. Kumabo contains 80.1% cocoa from Tanzania, Ghana and Sao Thomé. These three countries produce the most aromatic and rare cocoa varieties in Africa, of exceptionally high quality. Most of this African cocoa originally has Brazilian roots.

Kumabo contains a robust heart and rich body of cocoa that offer warm, sensual and overwhelming bitterness with subtle sweet accents.
The blend of beans from Sao Thomé, Ghana and Tanzania reveals earthy and grilled aromas. After that hints of red fruits, gingerbread, black olive and alcohol linger on and finish with a hint of Bourbon vanilla.

Name Description Ref. Min. cocoa solids Packaging
Kumabo Extremely dark,
extra bitter chocolate
based on African blend.
CHD-H8047KMBNV 80.1% Callets 2.5 kg


Satongo 72.2%
Extremely balanced in all its expressions

Blend and character
Satongo too is based on Africa’s three most exciting cocoa varieties of the moment: Sao Thomé, Tanzania and Ghana. They are blended and roasted with great care to reveal even the most subtle aromas that lie hidden in the core of the cocoa.

Satongo offers a completely different character. It has a solid, strong cocoa body but is harmonious and balanced in every sense: between cocoa, bitter and sugar; between sweet, sour and aromatic.
Satongo has a perfectly round taste. Hints of red fruits, herbal aromas and Bourbon vanilla give it a refined, long lasting finale.

Name Description Ref. Min. % cocoa solids Packaging
Satongo Dark, extra bitter chocolate
based on African blend
CHD-L7243STGNV 72.2% Callets 2.5 kg

Fortina 65.1%
Exciting Latin and exotic oriental flavours

Blend and character
Fortina contains a blend of cocoa from fine, aromatic Arriba beans harvested in the Northern part of Ecuador and very light, reddish Asian cocoa beans. The latter are appreciated for their strong cocoa body and spicy flavours.

Fortina has a strong cocoa body that offers mild bitterness in harmony with sweetness, slightly grilled accents and fresh acidity. Aromas are varied and evoke cinnamon, gingerbread, red fruits, citric fruits and liquorice. The hint of Bourbon vanilla rounds off the taste.

Name Description Ref. Min. % cocoa solids Packaging
Fortina Dark, mildly bitter chocolate
based on Latin American-Asian
CHD-Q6539FORNV 65.1% Callets 2.5 kg

Otovalo 65%
Perfectly round taste with hints of red fruits, herbs and Bourbon vanilla.

The taste
Otovalo combines a solid cocoa body with a wide palette of fruit, liquorice and flower aromas. Its taste even evokes refined alcohol and liqueur accents and a refreshing acidity.

Recommended for…
… creations that demand a firm chocolate body and refined liqueur-like aromas. Otovalo harmonises brilliantly with stronger flavours such as anis, even with olive oil and liqueurs. On the other hand, it is even compelling enough to stand alone and offer a fascinating chocolate palate.”

The blend
The Otovalo blend contains Ivory Coast and Sao Thomé beans that give it its solid cocoa body. The Ecuadorian cocoa beans selected are renowned for their fruity
flavours. The end result is a very well balanced and powerful dark chocolate.

Name Ref. Packaging
Otovalo CHD-06540OTONV CalletsTM 2.5 kg
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