Worlds most expensive dessert - £22,000!!

The Worlds most expensive dessert has been created using Callebaut Chocolate!
Marc Guibert, Head Chef at Lindeth Howe Restaurant has created the dessert using Callebauts Grenade, Madagascar, Ecuador and Sao Thome chocolate. The main dessert is layered with different types of ganache and flavours including peach, orange and whiskey with a champagne jelly, light biscuit joconde base, and finished with a bitter dark chocolate glaze and gold leaf. It is presented with champagne and strawberry caviar and then cased in a Faberge style chocolate egg which is decorated with chocolate roses and gold leaf and covered in gold dust. It also comes with a bottle of Chateau d'yquem.

The Dessert retails for £22,000 and is a World Record .. beating the last dessert of £12,000 from New York's Serendipity Restaurant.

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