Switching to Fairtrade chocolate is the easiest thing in the world

Callebaut’s 811NV, 823NV, W2NV and 70-30-38NV now come in Fairtrade certified versions too

The same fine taste and the same guaranteed workability as Callebaut’s renowned couverture chocolates, plus the assurance of sustainable production and fair trade. That’s what you get from Callebaut’s new Fairtrade 811NV, 823NV, W2NV and 70-30-38NV chocolates. Callebaut developed these newcomers as part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring sustainable cocoa production. Callebaut’s new Fairtrade chocolates give its customers the opportunity to answer the growing demand for cocoa and chocolate that is produced responsibly and sustainably. At the same time, they can contribute to better incomes for farmers in developing countries.

It makes no difference in processing
Switching to Fairtrade chocolate is now easier than ever before. Confectioners, chefs, bakers, caterers and other chocolate professionals don’t even need to make a single change to their recipes or production processes. That’s because the Fairtrade versions of these Finest Belgian Chocolates have the exact same melting, tempering and cooling curves, and offer the same fine taste and liquidity as their classic counterparts. They come in 10 kg bags of Callets™, which are very simple to weigh, melt and process.

But it makes a big difference to farmers in developing countries
Thanks to the Fairtrade system, the farmers in developing countries who produce cocoa, sugar and natural vanilla, key ingredients in chocolate, can sell their products at or above market price. They can also negotiate better prices based on quality and/or demand. This leads to stable farmer incomes, and more secure livelihoods for them and their families.

The Fairtrade system is in fact beneficial to entire communities. On top of the stable prices paid to the farmers, the farmer cooperatives are paid a Fairtrade Premium – additional funds to invest in long-term social and business projects, such as education, health care, farm improvement, or processing facilities. In addition, the Fairtrade system also promotes environmental protection.

The launch of Callebaut’s new Fairtrade 811NV, 823NV, W2NV and 70-30-38NV flows from its long-term commitment to ensuring a sustainable cocoa sector. Without cocoa, there can be no chocolate. Therefore, a focus on sustainability is an imperative, not an option.

About Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate
Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate is 100% produced in Belgium, from cocoa bean to final chocolate. Callebaut is one of the rare chocolate makers that still selects, roasts and grinds its own cocoa beans. Also unique is the fact that the beans are roasted in their shells to better preserve their natural flavours. Callebaut grinds all the ingredients extremely fine – much finer than most other chocolate makers. The particles are so tiny they can never be sensed individually by the tongue or taste buds. The ingredients are then conched with the same precision and patience until they become one and melt together on the tongue. It’s at this precious moment that the chocolate merits its stamp of quality and authenticity as Callebaut Finest Belgian.

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