Barry Callebaut Introduces Cripearls™

To give pastry chefs a beautiful, tasty and crunchy way to decorate and finish their culinary creations, Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, today introduced Crispearls(TM) in dark and white chocolate varieties.

Measuring just 2- to 3- millimeters in diameter, the new pearl-shaped product features a toasted biscuit core that has been enrobed with fine Callebaut dark or white chocolate couverture.

"The new Callebaut Crispearls(TM) are like tiny beads of caviar," says Rich Benson, Director of Research and Development for Barry Callebaut North America.  "They have a unique pearl-like gloss and a great aroma, making them ideal for adding texture, taste and color to pastries, desserts and other confections."

In fact, pastry chefs and gourmet artisans can use Crispearls(TM) in a number of ways, including:

Refined Decoration: The shiny pearls are ideal for adding a refined look to finished pastries, confections and desserts. For an extra festive or unique look, they also can be colored gold or silver using an airbrush spray gun.

Textured Pastry Interiors: Crispearls(TM) can be mixed into creamy pastry components, such as mousse, creme brulee or any other filling, to give pastry interiors a flavorful, crunchy bite.

Color and Contrast in Mousses and Ice Cream: When mixed into ice cream and kept deep frozen, Crispearls(TM) retain their taste and crunch.  Similarly, when used in chocolate mousse, the pearls create a rich contrast in texture while remaining crunchy. 

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