Barry Callebaut Introduces Chocolate Masters

Barry Callebaut today introduced Chocolate Masters, a new line of high-quality, ready-made chocolate decorations that are ideal for pastry chefs and chocolatiers.  Food manufacturers also can use Chocolate Masters decorations to add a finishing touch to products in the post-production stage.

"The new Chocolate Masters products were designed for chocolate professionals who are looking to bring their creative culinary ideas to life with an added touch of chocolate," said Jerome Landrieu, an award winning pastry chef and Director of the Barry Callebaut CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Chicago.  "In developing these decorations, we consulted with professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers from around the world to come up with a line of versatile, ready-made products that could be used in a number of applications, whether it's topping a tartlet with chocolate blossoms or serving up a creamy custard in a chocolate cup."

Chocolate Masters decoarations are manufactured using high-quality Barry Callebaut dark, milk, white and marbled chocolate.  The product line includes:

Chocolate Shavings: Each shaving is unique in size and shape to provide a handmade, artisan appearance to bakery, pastry and dairy treats.  They are ideal for adding a generous touch of chocolate to any dessert.

Chocolate Blossoms: These tiny curls of chocolate are visually appealing and great for sprinkling on the top and sides of desserts.  By applying blossoms at the base of pastries, chefs can create special effects and highlights that will make their desserts stand out from the rest.

Chocolate Cups: Barry Callebaut's wide assortment of chocolate cups offers chefs plenty of creative presentation options for dessert fillings.  In addition, chefs can spray a mixture of chocolate and cocoa butter on the cups to add a velvety effect to highlight the artisanal character of their creations.

Chocolate Truffle Shells: These truffle shells are perfectly round and perfectly sized to hold a heart of ganache, cream or any other filling.  The truffle shells are also ideal for filling and manual dipping or for enrobing by machine.

Chocolate Shapes: Barry Callebaut's assorted open designs and shapes with detailed graphics are ideal for creating unique finishing touches for ice cream dishes and pastries.  Adding an original chocolate shape to desserts also can enhance its attractive, luxurious character.

Chocolate Pencils: Finely rolled chocolate pencils add an extra handmade dimension to dessert presentations.  Additionally, chocolate pencils can create visual interest and unpredictable height to even the most simple dessert ideas.

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