Mycryo® wins praise from top chefs

100% cocoa butter for perfect frying results

Truly revolutionary developments in the centuries-old art of cuisine are very rare. Developments that actually enhance the quality are rarer still: even the technological advances of recent years – such as microwave cooking, freeze drying etc. – are geared towards convenience and productivity rather than quality. Now, Callebaut has introduced Mycryo®, a new kind of frying fat that is superior in every way to the traditional alternatives of butter or vegetable oil, offering quality and convenience.


Mycryo® is a tasteless, odourless, colourless, 100% vegetable fat in powder form. It is obtained from cocoa butter by cryogenisation (freezing at very low temperature), an entirely natural process. It can be used for all types of frying techniques: sautéing, grilling, barbecue, wok, taipan or anything else. It also gives better and healthier frying results than other fats such as olive oil or butter, and stands up to higher temperatures. It easily resists frying temperatures of 200°C and more. 

With its neutral taste, Mycyro® does not mask the natural flavours of the ingredients – as do butter or olive oil. It brings out the flavours of even the most delicate ingredients. 

No wonder that top European chefs are enthusiastic about the performance of MycryoÒ and the possibilities that it opens up. Not only does it produce better frying results, but it also extends the range of ingredients and the ways in which they can be used, enabling chefs to be creative.
Chefs are attracted to Mycryo® in the first place because it is such a time-saver in the kitchen. Since it comes in powder form, they can mix Mycryo® with the seasoning, coat the ingredients with this mix beforehand and put them away in a cool place until needed. That allows chefs to manage peak times in the kitchen better. 

Mycryo® has no taste in itself. This means it does not mask the natural, fresh taste of the ingredients like dairy butter or olive oil do. Instead it reveals the authentic taste of the ingredients better then any other frying fat. It gives perfect frying results for meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables or anything else. The frying crust, the texture, the colour and the taste are amazing with Mycryo®. 

When fried in butter or oil, many ingredients loose a lot of their juices. Due to its fine texture Mycryo® envelopes the ingredients with a thin, impermeable film, almost like a second skin. It keeps all the natural juices in the ingredients and prevents them from being lost during frying. The difference is amazing, especially with very delicate ingredients like mushrooms or spinach. 

Due to its heat resistant capacities, Mycryo® allows quick sealing of even the most delicate ingredients, without them sticking or falling into pieces. It permits excellent results, not only with meat but also with fish, foie gras, shellfish or soft vegetables. Even when frying extremely delicate fish – such as sole or megrim – the flesh remains completely intact, without falling apart during frying. 

Finally, Mycryo® permits a lighter cuisine. You only have to use very little of it: two or three times less compared to other fats. So it’s not only lighter, but also healthier and more economical. 

There are said to be three truly great cuisines in the world. The first is French, the second is Chinese, and nobody can agree on the third (Italian? Or Indian? Thai? Or Japanese?). French cuisine in turn is traditionally divided into cuisine au beurre in the North, based on butter, and cuisine à l’huile in the South, based on olive oil. Now there is also cuisine au Mycryo, which almost overnight has won a place at the pinnacle of that noble art.

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